Saturday, May 26, 2012

"My Pete Doherty" by Irina Lazareanu

Why Pete Doherty chooses to paint ?

What is great with Pete is that he always does the same thing in many different ways. So the time has come and he said " For many year I have sung, I have written and I always say the same things so the only way to express myself left is my blood" then he started his painting with his blood.

How do you interpret his works ?

Here it is, this is his job, this is what he says. I hope people, you know (because) , have to see behind what's obvious, he is said and see as a mad, cool guy but I think they forgot to listen to what he says and to see what he says. Behind all those things, he's really sensitive a true artist.

How do you meet each other ?

(laugh) In a squat. During a party in a squat. I was 14 years old. I left Canada to go in a academy in Great Britain and I met that guy. First we are really alike, it was...(movement with her hand), he was fixing me, he came, he was wearing a pink suit
with (???? I supposed it's a brand of shoes), you know, with stripes like "what is that?", you know, like super, super (movement with her shoulders), ah and I said "Hello I'm Irina" and he answered "Hello I'm Pete, you gonna be my wife one day?" and I said "you psychopath" and so that how we met and he's still the person with whom I work, I live with and he's also my best friend.

How do you describe Pete Doherty in a few words ?

For me, Pete is a true artist [...] in all the different meanings of the term. He doesn't think he acts. He's really inspiring for me. It often happens, everytimes we meet up, when he's back in Paris. I think the 95% we are together we are reading or writting. We always do the same thing since we are children.

Have you got news of him in jail?

Yes, He feels great and he works (?) I think that, what was that song ? I think it was John ? in a live in Woodstock ( I don't know if I tipped well :s ) I thought I ????? yes that's it. He writes songs in jail, it's Pete. At least he can't be arrested you see.