Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"A person should want to live, if only out of curiosity."
- Yiddish Proverb

“When I was reading the [Antonia Fraser] book I thought it would be interesting. There hadn’t been a film about Marie Antoinette since the late 30s and it’s such a visually interesting world I think to create in a film. I like to see a movie where you get lost in another world and 18th century France with the wigs and the costumes is so different than our daily life, I thought it would be interesting to show that. So just when I was reading the book, I thought about it as a film. And also for me it was a challenge personally. How do I make a period film that isn’t in the genre of period films but in my own style? That was a challenge for me.”
-Sofia Coppola

"Rue Lafayette" - Edvard Munch

Monday, July 30, 2012

Interview With Freja Beha

Grazia Daily: How does it feel to be the face of a new fragrance?

Freja Beha: I was really honored to have been chosen to represent the new Valentino fragrance. Doing Valentino fashion campaigns and now fragrance at the same time is such an opportunity and is a fabulous experience.

GD: Why do you think you were chosen?

FB: Difficult to say… but I think it is because of my personality. Valentina is a sweet yet an unconventional girl, she cares for the people she loves, but she has a rebellious side and especially wants to be free and have fun. Of, course she is not denying where she is from, nor am I, but she is young and wants the world to be open to her. She wants to have access to what every person of her age has access to – art, music, fashion… This is how I feel and I am lucky to be able to do what I like and want today.

GD: What do you think of the fragrance?

FB: It is fresh and sensual. I find it unusual and captivating. I like the way is evolves on my skin. I love the bottle with its 3 pastel color flowers and vintage cap. It really reminds me of some pieces of Valentino fashion. It gives a chic feel but also expresses something delicate, feminine yet modern and strong.

GD: For the TV Campaign you were directed by Johan Renck, how was it to work together?

FB: It was wonderful working with Johan. I had never worked with him before. He is Swedish, I am Danish. We have quite the same sense of humor. We had a lot of giggles along the way. His humor is Scandinavian. It is dark. I picked up on it instantly. It was like being with a friend that I was working with.

GD: The film is very cinematographic. You play a role. How did you feel about acting?

FB: It was a lot different from what I normally do. So, this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I am so used to doing still pictures which I have been doing for over 6 years. So, it was a challenge. But, it was a lot of fun and really enjoyed having to act and express feelings and emotions. I was like being in an Italian film walking in the streets of Rome, called by paparazzi, having fun with friends and being in authentic locations.

GD: What does Rome represent for you ?

FB: I love Rome and really loved shooting the TV campaign in this sumptuous city. Before that, I hadn’t been there in years. We shot in beautiful locations and I got to see a lot of the city. I love feeling the emotion of Rome. Every time you turn on a corner, there is a majestic building. I love the contrasts of this city that show its history through the different architectural artworks. This and the atmosphere make Rome a very special place.

GD: You do Valentino campaigns and star in Valentino shows. What is your idea of Valentino?

FB: Valentino is about elegance, sophistication. It is very contemporary and sensual and has a romantic twist. It is ultra feminine and beautiful. The dress that I am wearing in the TV campaign is by far my favorite dress from the Spring Summer 2011 collection. It is very feminine and chic. It is a little rock and roll with its leather fringes, very elegant and sensual and I love that combination!

GD: To stay beautiful, with an extremely busy agenda, do you have tips to share ?

FB: To be honest, I do not have any really. I am quite “natural” in the sense that I do not worry too much about the way I look and like a casual look. However, I do use a quality moisturizer night and morning. I do not wear makeup if I do not need to. I want my skin to breath so I make sure it is clean before I go to bed and after wearing makeup for work. When I go out, I like a line black kohl eyeliner on my eyes. For my hair, I just spray it with a texturizing product to give it some texture and then mess it up a little with my fingers.


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